woven notes
music visualisation
Woven Notes is a real time MIDI visualiser programmed in Processing. Its aim is to emphasise the structures of personal musical styles by displaying the intervals and correlations between the notes. When playing a key, a dot is generated in the centre of a blank circle which then moves outwards in a certain direction set by the pitch of the note - the entire circle is split into 88 angles all together as the full range piano has 88 keys. The lowest key goes straight down, the rest continue clockwise. The dots grow for as long as the keys are being pressed down, when released they stop growing but continue floating, then fade out as they cross the verge. The colours of the dots indicate the strengths they were played on a green-yellow-red scale. Lines appear whilst holding the sustain pedal joining the notes that are sounding together. The colours of the lines vary according to the numbers of semitones - from red through yellow to green.
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